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We would like to Welcome Exxon Mobil Corporation to Houston. We've been expecting you.

Why Houston?

The diverse workforce and immense talent pool make Houston Texas a natural for anybody in the energy or technology sector. From the affordable office space to the cultural arts, Houston is way beyond cowboys and deer hunting but they have that as well. Some of the reasons for having you or your company in Houston.

  • Cost of living.
  • No State Income Tax
  • Affordable Housing.
  • Every technical skill known to man can be found in Houston.
  • Music scene is the best kept secret in the south.
  • Major beaches.
  • Ports of Houston and Galveston.
  • Crowned the most diverse city in America
  • NASA Space Center
  • Houston Space Port at Ellington Field.
  • 3rd largest concentration of private yachts in USA.
  • World Class Medical Centers
  • Lab of the Father of Nanotechnology, Richard Smalley.
  • Largest master planned tourist attraction in any city in the US currently being built.
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"Having a resource like the minds in Houston Texas, is almost like cheating on the exam."

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